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Take Cold Showers

Posted on: 26, Sep 2018

Take Cold Showers

Did your father like to take cold showers? Or maybe he was an open water swimmer, or a cross country skier? It is too late now, but if you reset the clock you might want to go back and tell your paternal parental unit to develop a fondness for cold temperatures. A new study publsihed in academic journals recently has shown that male mice exposed to cold temeperatures father mice children thqt are both slimmer and healthier when placed on high fat food regimens than those mice who were kept snuggly and warm.It seems that the generations of English schoolboys forced to suffer cold showers twice a day might have been lucky!

I can only assume that this has some application for the escort girls that I see ever year arriving here. It is almost a cliché that the girls from Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland) are incredibly sexy and have terrificand athletic bodies. But the same is also true of the Marbella escorts that arrive from Latvia, Estonia and Russia. Maybe exposing the parents to cold weather does mean that the offspring will be leaner and fitter. I do not know what impact it would have on their skin, hair and sex drive. But maybe those are not that interesting to experimental scientists?

Chilling mice to see what happens to their children might sound like an odd experiement to undertake when you take it out of context. But it is actually building on an established pattern that research scientists have identified before in humans ad other mammals. Researchers have shown that they can connect specific bodily characteristics such as Body Mass Index (BMI) to a persons birth season. There are others, but Body Mass Index is the most relevant for a lot of us in our day to day health and lives. A studdy conducted in the year two thusand showed that those children conceived during the winter months (which last three quarters of the year in the most Northern climes!) tend to be slimmer. This in turn built upon other studies which showed that our parents environment can leave its mark on us as their children.